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Twist is the protagonist of The Fresh Beat Band. He is a DJ, rapper, and the leader of the Fresh Beat Band.


Twist is a DJ, a skilled rapper, and a beat boxer. His instruments of choice are his super cool mix-tables and his voice. Twist is really imaginative and a natural jokester. Even when his outrageous ideas don't come about, he doesn't get into a twist; he just goes with the flow!


Twist is a silly and dumb-as-a-wasp person with a wild imagination. His catchphrase is "Sweet!" and his favorite colors are blue and yellow. Twist often thinks up imaginative solutions to problems, which he tells to his friends by asking, "Wouldn't it be cool if..." Marina then gives him a more plausible idea, to which he will respond, "Sure, if you want to do it the easy way."


Twist has light brown hair and fair skin. He wears a yellow hoodie sweater with a blue shirt beneath it. He also wears black jeans and blue and white sneakers. On the pocket of his hoodie is his DJ symbol. Fun fact, it's a common misconception that Twist was the only one who had the EXACT same outfit but if you look closely you'll notice that in Season 3 there are blue stripes on the arms of his sweater

Alternate Outfits


Twist appears in every episode of The Fresh Beat Band. His first appearance was in "Stick Together" and his last appearance was in "Snow Day." Twist also appears in the stand-alone concert special.


  • Twist's name, along with Shout, comes from the Beatles song "Twist and Shout".
    • It might also refer to when he twists his turntables.
  • Twist's Height is 6'5"