The Mighty Music Band
The Mighty Music Band is the Fresh Beats' favorite comic book series. They've read all the comic books in the series. Harper decided to have a dance party and let the Fresh Beats serve pizzas (with the Mighty Music Band's faces on them) while dressed as the Mighty Music Band. But later the evil Deep Freeze from their comic book froze everyone in the neighborhood to stop the dance party. The Fresh Beats' MMB costumes made them look so much like the real Mighty Music Band that Deep Freeze mistakes them for the Mighty Music Band. To the Fresh Beats' surprise, their costumes gave them the powers of the Mighty Music Band. Using these powers separately doesn't stop Deep Freeze because they're not loud enough alone to stop her. But using all four powers at once is loud enough to break her freeze electric guitar.

The Superheroes

There are four superheroes of the Mighty Music Band, and they're all exactly like the Fresh Beats and they look like the Fresh Beats.

  • Megawatt is the baritone (the lowest male singing voice) of the band. He can sing in a very low note. MegaWat appears to have a walkie-talkie on his belt. He is portrayed by Shout.
  • High Sea is the soprano (the highest female singing voice) of the band. She has her hair in pigtails and can sing in a very high note. She is portrayed by Kiki.
  • DJ Amazing has superloud scratchy mixtables and of course is the DJ of the band. He has headphones and a small mixtable on his belt. He is portrayed by Twist.
  • Rock Steady is the drummer of the band. Her hair is in a ponytail in the comic book, but she possibly sometimes wears her hair down. Her skinny jacket has buckles in the front.She is portrayed by Marina. Marina uses her drumsticks when she is dressed as Rock Steady. Unlike Marina, who wears a blue dress, Rock Steady wears skinny blue pants which go inside her skinny purple boots.
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