Portrayed by
Hadley Fraser (season one)
Patrick Levis (seasons two and three)
First appearance

Reed is a recurring character in The Fresh Beat Band.


Reed is a shop owner in the town the Fresh Beats live in, owning the "Good Note" Music Store. He has many instruments available for the Fresh Beats because of it. He is also willing to fix any instrument, like Marina's drums in "Stomp The House", for them. Reed always helps the Fresh Beats in one way or another. Many times he assists them in giving them things, not normally sold in a music store, so they may achieve their goal; such as marching uniforms in "March Our Way" and glow sticks in "Glow For It" and even a magic kit in "Hocus Pocus". He is always willing to assist the Fresh Beats perform such as in "Doggone It" and "Rock The Luau". In "Back to School" we find that Reed assists the Fresh Beats in their studio so they can record their music.

Reed also seems to be very talented in other fields. In "Circus Mojo" Reed takes on many jobs like Ticket Take, Pop-corn vendor and the corn on a stick guy.


  • Reed's name comes from a reed, the mouthpiece of woodwind instruments.
  • Reed made his debut in Season 1 Episode 2 "Stomp The House".
  • Reed's Season 2 debut was Episode 1 "Circus Mojo".
  • Reed's Season 3 debut was Episode 1 "Graduation Day".
  • Hadley Fraser, the actor who played Reed, was replaced in Season 2 by Patrick Levis to do the Les Miserablès 25th Anniversary Concert at the O2
  • Keeping with the show, Reed performs magic in "Circus Mojo" but does so without the aid of his magic kit from "Hocus Pocus". It can be assumed that the magic cloth was one in the same.
  • His hat was missing in "Back to School" but it was back since "Circus Mojo"
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