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Portrayed by
Erin Sanders
First appearance

The Princess appeared in "Royal Wedding". She and the Prince were getting married until she called off the royal wedding because she didn't want to marry him. The Fresh Beats let her move into their apartment building lobby because the apartments are like mini-castles without a moat, a drawbridge and a jester, and she happily accepted this. Kiki and Marina look through the Princess's things, like her glass slippers and tiaras. When Twist falls down with the Princess's mattress, the Princess becomes attracted to him. When the Fresh Beats try to help the Prince get back together with the Princess, it all goes well until Twist accidentally starts acting funny in front of the Princess, who wishes to marry Twist instead because she loves his humor. While the Princess chases Twist all around, Shout and the Fresh Beat girls do their best to help the Prince become funnier than Twist. When the Prince jumps out of a fake cake, Harper accidentally shoves a real cake into the Princess's face. The Prince shoves another cake into his own face, which the Princess finds very funny. She calls off her wedding with Twist and marries the Prince instead. For her wedding, the Princess wears a white strapless poufy dress and a pair of glass slippers.

The Prince warned the Fresh Beat boys that the Princess can be quite stubborn when she wants to be. The Princess appears to love men with a very good sense of humor.

The Princess likes Marina very much; when Marina took her to the Groovie Smoothie and left her alone, she was very disappointed to see her go and wanted her to come back.

The Princess is portrayed by Erin Sanders.