The Prince appeared in "Royal Wedding". He and the Princess were getting married until she called off the wedding because she didn't want to marry him. But the Prince was determined to marry the Princess especially when she became smitten with Twist because he makes her laugh. Since the Princess was in love with Twist because of his humor, Marina, Kiki, and Shout did their best to help the Prince become funnier than Twist. To make the Princess laugh, the Prince gets into a pretend wedding cake. When the Prince came out, Harper accidentally shoved a real cake in the Princess's face much to the Prince's disappointment. The Prince was so upset with this mishap that he shoved another cake in his own face, much to the Princess's amusement. She immediately becomes smitten with the Prince and marries him instead. After the wedding, the Prince continued to be funny for his bride.

Marina looked like she had a small crush on the Prince when he arrived; she was looking at him with a dreamy look in her eyes, and she was the only Fresh Beat laughing when he had his foot stuck while trying to get in the carriage.

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