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Ms. Carmen Piccolo is character in Nickelodeon's hit show The Fresh Beat Band on Nick Jr. She is portrayed by Monica Lee Gradischek.

Ms. Piccolo is a, and may be the only, teacher at Music School. She wears glasses and is always seen wearing a purple blouse with a black dress and heals. Her favorite catchphrase is "Yippy Skippy" or "Fantabulous". Ms. Piccolo usually gives assignments to the Fresh Beats to perform at Music School such as performing a duet in "Sing With Me" or marching in a parade in "March Our Way". She is always very excited to see the Fresh Beats perform and thinks highly of them. She is always impressed by the uniqueness of their performances and always walks out the room singing their songs.


  • Ms. Piccolo's surname is based on the musical word "piccolo", which is used for a very small and high-pitched instrument, especially the flute.
  • Ms. Piccolo debuted in the Season 1 episode, Stick Together.
  • Ms. Piccolo made her Season 2 debut in Back to School.
  • Ms. Piccolo's last appearance was Graduation Day because the Fresh Beats graduated music school. That's her only Season 3 appearance.
  • Ms. Piccolo's height is 5'2"

Ms. Piccolo