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16-17 (Season 1)
17-18 (Season 2)
18-19 (Season 3)
Portrayed by
Shayna Rose (seasons 1 & 2)
Tara Perry (season 3)
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Marina is the tetartagonist in The Fresh Beat Band. She is the band's drummer. She was originally played by Shayna Rose Môr in seasons 1 & 2 and was replaced by Tara Perry in 2011.


Marina is an awesome drummer and the "rock steady" beat of The Fresh Beats. She brings her drumsticks with her everywhere she goes and can play any drum (or anything resembling a drum) that you put in front of her.


Marina is quite the comedian. Her favorite catchphrase is "Hip-hop and pop," which she usually says at the beginning of a rhyming sentence. Her favorite colors are turquoise and purple. She usually takes the lead to jumpstart the band's ideas. Marina also has a habit of agreeing with some of Twist's crazy ideas, saying, "That would be cool."


Marina has long red (originally ginger in seasons 1 and 2) hair and fair skin. She wears a turquoise-blue dress with a purple belt, purple leggings beneath it, and purple Converse sneakers. Now, she has buttons when Tara Perry got the role of Marina sometime in 2010.

Alternate Outfits


Marina appears in every episode of The Fresh Beat Band. Her first appearance was in "Stick Together" and her last appearance was in "Snow Day." Marina also appears in the stand-alone concert special.

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  • Her name is the feminine form of the Latin name Marinus, meaning "of the sea", which may refer to her blue clothes.
  • Marina's height is 5'4"
  • Shayna Rose (the original Marina) was replaced by Tara Perry (the new Marina) because she wanted to pursue other projects, so she left.
    • This makes Marina the only Fresh Beat Band member to be played by more than one actor.
  • Marina is the only fresh beat to have her birthday celebrated.