"Hip Hop Hoedown"

Hip Hop Hoedown

Season 1, Episode 18
March 5, 2010
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"Hip Hop Hoedown" is an episode of The Fresh Beat Band from the first season.This episode was in Nickelodeon Rootin Tootin Wild West

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The Fresh Beat Band is getting ready to play some country music. They head to the Good Note Music Store to get some country music instruments from Reed. Kiki, Shout, and Marina pick their items out right away. Twist has trouble finding one for himself. He keeps picking different instruments, but none of them have a country music sound to them. The day of the performance arrives, and Twist has nothing to play, and the other Fresh Beats don't want to perform without him. Melody and Reed come up with the idea of Twist being the square dance caller.

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