The Fresh Beat Band Here We Go!

Here We Go is song replacing Go Go A Go Go in Season 3. In Yo Fresh Beats Go Gabba Gabba, the Gabba gang joins in with the bridge song.


Stand up it's time to go

On your mark get set let's move

Hop aboard we're leaving now

We've got so much to do


We won't stop until we get to the very top

Start the clock

Are you ready to roll?

Cause here we go


We've got a green light

We're gonna take a ride

Come on, what are you waiting for

It's time to move in

It's time to groove in

Are you ready

Cause here we go

Oh-oh, Oh-oh

Get up get on your feet

Oh-oh, Oh-oh

Kick it and feel the beat

Oh-oh, Oh-oh

We're gonna hit the road

Here we go

[Second verse]

We're taking off, we're cruising now

There's so much to explore

Next stop is anywhere

A mile a two or more

[second pre-chorus]

Now's the time

Imagination comes to life

Jump up high

Are you ready to roll?

Cause here we go

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