Cowardly Lion

Cowardly Lion looks exactly like Shout in The Wizard of Song. He met Marina, Scarecrow, and Tin Woman when they heard him singing in the bushes. Lion was singing in the bushes because he was afraid of singing in public. Marina thought of Shout when Lion said "Cool beans". Lion's worst fear is the Bad Witch. Lion may be a scaredy-cat, but Marina is far more afraid of the Bad Witch than he was because the Bad Witch was going after her. Lion realized that he really is courageous when he warned Marina that the Bad Witch was about to steal her shoes. Unlike the Lion in The Wizard of Oz from 1939, this Lion never lived in a very creepy forest, and he didn't attack Marina, Tin Woman, and Scarecrow when they walked in on him singing. Lion has a marvelous singing voice, and he was flattered when Marina complimented his voice. Lion seems to like beans. When he saw a plant of beans, he immediately said "Cool beans". (That's when Marina thought of Shout and told Lion "You did not just say 'Cool beans'".) Lion is portrayed by Thomas Hobson.

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