Buddy is a friendly pink balloon. He appears in Balloon Buddy. Buddy is full of energy. He likes to dance especially to the conga.

In the beginning of the episode, Buddy was unnamed. He followed the Fresh Beats around. The Fresh Beats met up with the balloon after dancing off to the conga rhythm. Kiki suggested they name him "Buddy". Twist tried to give the balloon a different name, but he (the balloon) preferred "Buddy". Buddy is full of energy. He really likes to dance especially to the conga rhythm. While the Fresh Beats were practicing their conga song, Buddy went all over them. He tickled Marina (and made her sneeze), got himself stuck in Shout's trumpet, put on Twist's headphones, and got tangled in Kiki's guitar strings. The Fresh Beats decided to make more balloon friends for Buddy. Twist makes some balloon friends for Buddy while Shout and the girls take Buddy out to the Groovie Smoothie. Buddy and Melody are having fun dancing until he wrapped himself around Kiki's wrist. Twist had made 452 balloon friends, and they all went out of control. But a conga line stopped them. In the end, it turned out Buddy belonged to Kiki's Junior Beat.


  • This may sound crazy, but because Buddy was copying Kiki's gestures, nuzzling her nose, and wrapped himself around her wrist, these could be hints that in the episode, he mistakes her for her Junior Beat.
  • Buddy's favorite music is conga.
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